Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Five Guys

After a playdate, we went for lunch at Five guys.
 Since I know the little guy would hord my milkshake, I ordered small portion of the others just in case he fit in any other food groups in there.  I got a small hot dog, small fries and a small milkshake. As you can see above, he can't wait for me to take a pic and already aiming for the shake.

Anyway, the hot dog has cheese in it, and I forgot to tell them to skip it.  For some reason, I get weirded out by that, don't even know why.  But the fries is just a small portion of what the real size is.  There's a lot of overflow in the bag itself, basically, it's 2.5 portion of the cup for fries.  If you go with other people, consider sharing.

Five Guys
1150 W. Fry Road
Suite A
Houston, TX 77084

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