Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year Meal - Chinese style

So, heard about a special meal for the holidays... 
 Plus, my mom has a nostalgia for the meal, so figured we'd make a trip.
 It's a 3 course meal, you start with cream of mushroom soup with dinner roll.
 There were 3 choices to choose from: salmon steak, pheasant, or mix meat.  I got the pheasant, it's baked and the skin is super crispy with the meat just right and not dried out.  It comes with veggie sides, carrots, broccoli, corn and a scoop of egg white fried rice.  Not sure what's the significant of egg white fried rice is, but it's pretty darn good on its own.
For dessert, it's coconut milk pudding with jelly mixed in there.  The pudding is thick enough that it's good on its own, but when you add jelly in there, it makes it richer and sweeter.  I basically was able to handle a few bites and had to wave the white flag to give up.

The meal was $13.98 (plus tax & tip), it has all of the above and included a drink.  My mom said, back in her day, her dad would buy the kids a meal like this for $5, and that's their holiday meals, which in her day, that was the fancy meal an average family can afford.  It really brought back some childhood memories for her.  For that price, I can buy a bit of memory for her, it's well worth it.

Hong Kong's Cafe
9108 Bellaire Blvd
Suite A
Houston, TX 77036
Cash Only

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