Monday, January 30, 2017


Went to a trivia night event at Revelry.  
 Haven't been here before, was excited to do some drinking and some trivia plus food, of course.
 I got the Seared Ahi Tuna salad.  The tuna steak is done well, pretty delicious with the balsamic on the side.  The arugula salad with edamame beans and bell pepper goes nicely with it.  I didn't really touched the ginger vinaigrette, just tried it for taste.  Surprisingly the entire salad was very filling, I was pleasantly surprised.

Since we were there for a trivia night, and a very popular one at that, the service was not bad, given how big the crowd was.  They did forget to put my order in, and how I know this is that my friends all got a burger and got it before I got my salad.... As soon as they discovered it, they were pretty quick to making sure I got my food, so no harm no foul.  I do like that they have a wide array of craft beer and broken down by categories, which is always appreciated, as more and more craft brew pops up.

Like I said, that night the event was huge, so there are limit parking or valet available.  But if you go caddy corner, the open lot across from the firehouse, that is open for patron parking.  If  you park at the residential street, make sure you read the signs, as we saw a few towing happening.

Revelry on Richmond
1613 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77006

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