Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bramble Happy Hour

Met up with my friend for a quick catch up.
 I've heard a lot of great things about Bramble, so I was happy to go meet her there when she suggested that.  Though, after I told my coworkers, they were telling me how great their chicken are.  And sadly, the awesome chicken was only served on Monday.  Boo.
 Raspberry Lemonade, cannot tell you what alcohol is in it, but it is delicious.  Of course, it was kinda mixed in with someone that was sampling Round Rock Alcohol, which has whiskey, bourbon and peach whiskey.
This is the gumbo with fried oyster.  This was super delicious, the sausage, mix with the roux, it just was filling but not overly thick.  The mix with the fried oyster was super yummy, wish they have a whole plate of it.  

Sitting at the bar does give you a lot of perks.  You're close to the alcohol and the bartender is very knowledgeable of the menu and what was good that day.  I totally go with the recommendation by the servers and the staff.  They have to taste the food to sell it, and they'd know best.  Remember, yummy Fried Chicken is Monday!

2231 S. Voss Rd
Houston, TX 77057

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