Monday, April 11, 2016


Went to Kuu for a low key dinner.
I can never figure out the valet at the back of the breezeway, which is also the closest to the door of the restaurant, so we ended up self parking.  Keep in mind that garage has tight corners, so make sure you check traffic both ways.
Had a Midori Sour, they didn't have enough Sour in it.
Had the Kuu Roll, there's avocado, lobster, maguro on top, then a little bit more lobster on top. The greenish white sauce is edamame puree.  It's actually quite good.
This is the Waygu & Unagi, is to die for.  The soft meat with the soft fish together, is divine.  You don't feel like they put any soy on top of them, just melts in your mouth.  Deeelish!
Piece of Waygu, yum!  Not as yummy as the Waygu & Unagi dish, but good on its own.
Hamachi & Eggplant.  I know it's an odd choice to pick Eggplant, they actually grilled it, and it has this yuzu sauce on top.  So, it's not salty all the way.  Pretty good, I would recommend this.
This is the smoked duck.  It's actually very good.  Texture is moist and soft.  Match with edamame and pureed sauce, we basically picked on it and picked on it for the longest.

Overall, we enjoy the service.  Since one of the diners have special diet, she was kind enough to go back to the kitchen and check for us time and time again.  The bar is the hopping place, dinner crowd don't roll in until much later.  Usually they get there about 7pm, but the dinner crowd didn't get started until 7:30p - 7:45p.  That said, a reservation is always the sure fire way to make sure you get in quickly.

Kuu Restaurant
947 Gessner Rd
Houston, TX 77024

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