Monday, April 4, 2016

Cooking Girl

Been meaning to try Cooking Girl, so excited to finally get here.
Luckily, my friend has the wisdom to come early, because without reservation, you probably be waiting for a while.
We got a pot of Honey Lemon tea, it was very nice and smooth and sweet.  Really reminds me of childhood, when we were little we get drinks like that to keep warm and sweet.  For your reference, they do free refill on the pot.  Instead, we go another pot, that's Dr. Lee's Hawthorne tea.  Neither of us have had it before, but I know that hawthorn helps lower blood pressure.  That was also nice, good tea for sure.
We got the twice cooked pork.  That's a childhood favorite, something about the sauce and the veggie mixed with rice just give me a warm feeling.  According to the owner, they cooked the pork for 40 hours, which you can tell because once you stick the fork in, all the meat came apart.   
For our "veggie", we got Ma Po Tofu, this version does not have any meat in it.  What surprised me was the they use spiced black beans in the dish, the taste does stand out, not bad, just a surprised.  Good thing is that it's not super spicy.  Nice thing was that the sauce was nice to mix with rice.  YUM!
Last but not least, Volcano Cod with rice noodles.  The noodle was nice with the sauce and the red pepper past, but was surprised the fish was not as flavorful as the noodles.  I was underwhelmed by this dish.

Another thing is that they do not serve alcohol, but you can bring your own, and they charge a small fee for corking.  Lots of people brought their own, and it was a popular thing for diners here.  
The whole set up is very nice, the place is small but you get the feeling that you're eating at someone's home.  The whole family works here, one sister in the front of the house, one at the back, their mom, one of the sister's husband, and cousin works here to make it all work.  Don't forget to either come early or call for a reservation!

Cooking Girls
315 Fairview St
Houston, TX 77006

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