Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sur La Table - Healthy Cooking class

Went to another cooking class with Sur La Table, this time is a work event, which is totally fun when you do the class with a bunch of friends.  
The theme is Healthy Cooking with Green Pan.  So, obviously they are obviously going to show you how to cook with this pan in various way.
First we made our Frittata with the pan, the sauce that goes with it gives it an amazing kick.  A lot of these dishes, you can leave it in the pan and put it in the oven.  It slides off nice and clean like the frittata here. 
Chef Ryan basically did all the work.  We were imbibing and listening, but he did most of the work.
There's chicken in the pans, on top of mushroom, wine reduction.  Once the chicken came out of the oven, he added some butter and thicken things up, and it became a delicious sauce for the chicken.
Final product: nice color, with sauce to go with the meat.  
Most importantly, it is moist and not dried. The sauce also goes great with pasta.
For our veggie, we have rutabaga with carrots.  I've never had rutabaga that I know of.  
And before cooked, it has a texture of turnip, but once cooked, the taste is sweet.  Definitely want to add to my veggie rotation.
For dessert, they wanted to showcase that the pans can handle souffle as well. And I was highly skeptical.  How will the pouf not cave in?!
Well, I'll be... he buttered the pans, mixed the egg whites, gave us some tips about that, and we zested a few lemons, and next thing we know, it came out nice and awesome souffles.  Too cool!  And delicious too.

I highly recommend getting a group of friends or go to these cooking class as a team building event.  Not only we get some great cooking tips out of it, someone is cooking our dinner with our 'help'.  They clean up afterwards, and we get to bond and drink.  Oh yeah, for your own private event, you can bring wine.  Of course, check with the store first.  Otherwise, their classes are enjoyable as well.

Sur La Table
2200 Lone Star Drive
Sugar Land, TX 77479

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