Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Snuck out for some yummy lunch.  And ended up at Soma.
 I didn't know this, but it was pleasantly surprised when I sat down and realized that Sunday is all day Happy Hour.  Wohoo!
 I got the Paper Thin Yellowtail.  And it has a little pepper, come greens and this spicy kick to it.  You can also get Tuna version of this dish too.
 I was super curious about the Japanese Curry and Roti combo.  So, ordered it just to check it out.  So, the curry indeed is the Japanese Curry base, but the mix inside has more peas that I've ever seen, especially when I'm not a fan.  There's a little bit of meat, and ginger, scallion, daikon, carrot.  The naan is delicious, too bad the curry was too much peas.
 This is their house made gyoza, it was super delicious.  They steamed it then pan fried it.  So, it is nice and hot when you get it, be careful, it's hot!  Delicious, nonetheless.
 This is the Mini Destiny, which has: Flounder, Salmon, Tuna.  All are super fresh, just love the flounder.
This is cute, it's the Spam & Egg Masubi.  I was expecting the Hawaiian style Masubi.  Instead, they did a cute checkered masubi.  Of course, I ordered all of this when my eyes were bigger than my tummy. By this point, I was just stuffed... that said, I really enjoyed the tapas.

Their happy hour starts at 4pm every day, and all day Sunday.  The problem is not about their Happy Hour during the week, it's the parking since they're so popular.  However, do go and enjoy all the awesomeness.

Soma Sushi
4820 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007

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