Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Little Liberty

Went to grab a quick lunch, my favorite place had a long line and no parking in the Village.
Just as I was getting discouraged, I remembered: hey, Little Liberty should be open!  Sure enough, it was!  Hooray for parking and good food.
 Decided to sit at the bar to get some company.  And they did not disappoint.  The bartender guy and one of the cashier banter, and chefs coming by to chit chat, it was a fun place that afternoon. 
 I got the lunch special that day, it was ribs cooked for 14hrs, and rub marinated for 45 mins.  It was nice with a sweet honey taste and a bit of tang of spice.  It was a nice mix.  The chef was telling me that he has a sauce that is honey soy with tameric and couple other spices with an Asian flair but still has a good kick to it.  He was not lying, it was tangy and delicious.  It came with a cole slaw, which was ok, it was spicier than I like my slaw.  And the fries were nice and crispy.  Overall, it was finger licking good.

The set up at Little Liberty is very much like its predecessor, you order at the counter, then grab a table or a booth and they deliver the food to you.  If you have a special drink to be made, however, remember to come back for it.  While I was sitting at the bar, someone ordered a cappuccino, but they forgot it, by the time I left it was still sitting there.  If you sit at the bar, you pretty much get full service there.  And don't forget they have happy hour specials and check out what's on their board too.  Don't forget to take advantage of their wifi

Little Liberty
2365A Rice Blvd
Houston, TX 77005

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