Monday, July 11, 2016

Ninja Ramen

I was so excited when I saw Ninja Ramen's FB post that they will be serving lunch.
Been meaning to go there forever, just don't like to trek down to Washington in the midst of Happy Hour drunkeness and inconvenient parking.  Now, it's perfect for lunch.
This is a blueberry lemonade, unique and refreshing.  Super delicious and not over empowering my taste buds.
As I was having my first taste, I was so stunned.  The ramen is unlike any other I've tasted around town, the meat is great, the egg is harmonious with the rest of the bowl.  How do they do it?  My server/bartender was telling me that they cooked the meat in the broth first then stew it for 8 hours before serving.  The egg is soaked in ginger and soy sauce while making, then in the broth, plus their secret ingredient that he is not allowed to disclosed.  But, no wonder the whole thing goes together well.  What I mean by that is, if you've been to other ramen places, you should notice that the meat taste 'separate' than the broth, than the egg, than the noodles.  This one, it all goes together in one big happy picture.  OMG!  Must have!  

The noodles, they imported them in, and actually have to pull it themselves, thus the name ramen (which means pulled noodles).  Back in Asia, there are masters that take on apprentice who teach them how to make the noodles dough, how to pull and how to separate.  While I would be lying if I tell you I can taste all that.  I will say this, while everyone using Sun Noodles or make their own dough, you definitely can taste the difference between Ninja Ramen's dough than the others.  It's less egg, more elasticity.  If you can't tell those characteristics, just appreciate how well the entire bowl put together.  And if you ask the server nicely, they will give you half portion of extra noodles for free.  Another portion they will charge you.  But next time, I think I'll order extra meat and get the extra portion of noodles to go with it.  Definitely superb!

Lunch was not widely publicized but they still have decent crowd showing up the first week.  People trickling in and what not.  What's going to help is that they're open for Happy Hour from 3-6p, and dinner service 6- whenever they close.  This is really a bar that happens to serve really good ramen.  They have more bar space than seating for food.  That said, the food quality is good, definitely have legs to stand on.  So glad I finally got a chance to taste their noodles!

Ninja Ramen
4219 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 

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