Thursday, July 7, 2016

Siphon Coffee

I've had Siphon coffee everywhere, finally made it in to check it out.
Don't get intimated at their parking lot, which seems like always full.  The turnaround is really quick. Alot of people stop in for food or beverage and then leave.  Plus, in the morning, the other shops aren't open yet, so easy to get in and out.
Got me a vanilla soy latte.  I appreciate the barista so patiently make every cup, and she made mine all pretty and stuff.  Adorbs!  Really appreciate her patient.
I only had about 20 mins to kill, you can't exactly sit down for a full breakfast, but too much time to get to my appointment waaaay early.  So, grabbed a cup of coffee and a breakfast taco.  They made everything there, and let me tell you, really appreciate the real eggs they used there.  Plus, they're fast, didn't even have a chance to pick a table, and my food was ready.  

I liked the place is so welcoming and not at all intimidating.  They have tons of bar seats with plugs, fully expecting you will be writing your next great novel or conducting intense research writing there.  They have a few tables for sharing as well.  Let's just say for a first timer not knowing what to expect and a hipster salon next door, I was thinking it'll be horrid.  Conversely, the folks were fast and friendly, and the food and coffee is delicious.  Definitely coming back with my laptop or a book.

Siphon Coffee
701 W. Alabama St
Houston, TX 77006

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