Thursday, July 28, 2016


Driven passed this place, literally for years.   Was out of ideas for lunch, and since they caught my eyes, figured what the heck.
The space used to do Teppanyaki, but then it had changed hands couple of times since.  For a weekend lunch, I basically was doing it tapas style.
I got the single order of peking duck bao.  It was nice, not too dry on the meat, but the sauce was laid on thick, literally.  So, I could've done with less sauce.
Got an Hawaiian handroll, it is pretty comparable to any out there.
Forgot the name of this roll, I want to say it's on their one-pager of Specials.  But it has salmon and avocado on top with spicy tuna inside.  

Overall, it really is much like any Japanese restaurants you go to, they have cool lamps for decor, and they used to have DJ nights.  That said, my server was awesome, energetic, making sure I was ok, and get on the kitchen when my handroll took a tad long.  Meantime, keep track of 4 other tables.  I appreciate that.  When your food is pretty much of the competitor's down the street, having excellent service really helps. 

Maiko Sushi Houston
2649 S. Shepherd (at Alabama)
Houston, TX 77098

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