Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Dunlavy

Been driving by Dunlavy many of times, finally get to stop in.
Beautiful morning view of the building.
I got the hibiscus raspberry water, which sounded interested and tasted good.  Wish it was a tad more chilled.  I like how their cards for your order is designed like a playing card.
Can't come here and not mention the huge floor to ceiling windows and their unique chandeliers.  They have so many, that made the place looks disorganizingly pretty.  All the chandeliers are different, and shaped different, but with the Houston Downtown and Allen Parkway as backdrop, it brings its beauty to the place.  One part of the glass house, is facing the creek and trees, reminiscent of a scene in Farris Bueller, where the car ran out of the glass house, it's the glass house.
Let's talk food.  They didn't have frittata that I wanted to try.  So instead I got the St. Cecilia, which is like a panini, with fig and proscuitto, there's brie and honey too.  It's unique, we all've known that fig and proscuitto is a thing, and brie and honey is a thing, who knew that mushing them together is a new and delicious thing?  You clever people you!  Every breakfast sandwich comes with steak fries.  

So, they only serves breakfast and lunch, and host special events, which is a waste, since they have a full bar, can probably make more money on happy hour as that is a good stop for folks on their way home.  And if they do afternoon tea, that place just provide an awesome setting for it.

The Dunlavy Kitchen
3422 Allen Parkway
Houston, TX 

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