Tuesday, July 12, 2016

St. Regis Tea

Went to St. Regis for Tea again.  I'm just going to warn you that it'll be picture heavy.  Enjoy!
Pretty china and nice settings
Amuse Bouche - Curry Shrimp salad on lettuce boat.  It was meant to be served cold and it has a hint of curry, no kick, don't worry.
Gorgeous china.  And again, we were recommended 2 types of tea today.  It was a dark tea for the savory course.  Our butler had named off several kinds of black tea for the St. Regis Blend, but he was in a hurry, I didn't want to ask for too much details.
Sandwiches (clockwise): Cucumber Sandwich, Chicken Salad sandwich, Beef and Provolone sandwich, Gruyere with Roasted pepper and pecan, and Salmon and cream cheese.
Star of the show: Blackcurrant Scone with Devonshire cream.  I have to say, the cream this time wasn't as fresh as I had before.  It was actually better to use their house made jam than the cream.  The scone itself was great, nice and fluffy.  It remains you of a pillow, it was yummy.
Dessert course: we had the fruit tart (which was disappointing), passionfruit meringue tart (which was surprisingly delicious), and Chocolate Mousse cake (it was sweeter than I needed, but not bad).
To take home, they gave you macarons.  It has Pistachio, Raspberry, and Coffee.  I have to say, the coffee was delicious, raspberry was too sweet, and pistachio is exactly what I anticipated.

Overall, we've always liked to come here for tea.  However, you can't help but felt like other people are looking at you because the space is so small.  We eye-balled it, they could not fit max 30 people and be enjoying tea comfortably.  They do have a harpist accompanying you while you have tea, which makes the experience that much more fancy.  This time, however, our butlers wasn't as attentive as the previous times we've been here.  I'm not in a hurry, when you come to tea at St. Regis, you're expected to enjoy it for the entire 2 hours, that said, when our tea ran out, it took a little work to get the butler's attention to get more tea.  That we've never had that issue in our past visits.   That said, this is still the best tea in town.  It's well done, well executed, compare to the other places in town, this has A+ on food, atmosphere and price.  That should tell you how outrageous the other places are.  

Since their tea service have gained such popularity, they've added another seating for the weekends.  So, now there's a morning tea and an afternoon tea for Saturday & Sunday.  Friday, is still one seating.  Always make a reservation!

St. Regis Hotel
Afternoon Tea
1919 Briar Oaks Lane
Houston, TX 77027

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