Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hugs & Donuts

Finally made my way over to the Heights for 'breakfast', and we use that word loosely.
Hugs & Donuts had lots of buzz with Eater and Houston Press.
Lots of unique donuts and what I love is that they have more cake based donuts instead of yeast dough.  Let me tell you, I love them all!
Ok, just two, but still, my eyes approved, then I know my tummy will too.  This is a Nutella Crunch.  You can definitely tell the crunch when you bite into it.  It was deelish!
I also got an iced latte that they made there, it goes well with the Green Tea Coconut donut.  I'm not usually a coconut fan, I am a green tea fan, and maybe that's why I love this one too.  Needless to say, I was a happy camper.  

The shop is small, but don't underestimate the small display case, they are constantly replenishing.  On weekends, they also have vegan donuts too.  I appreciate them trying different variety to cater to the new wave of foodie in the donut world.  They even have free wifi.

Hugs & Donuts
1901 N. Shepherd #4
Houston, TX 77008

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