Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Went to meet a friend for lunch.  
Luckily, there's a bunch of new places down the street from me.
Got my Arnold Palmer, it is not as tiny as it seems.  Don't worry just tea and lemonade, nothing else.
My lunch came with a salad, everything is very fresh and vinaigrette is not super oily either.
I got the Lobster Bolognese.  You can smell it before I even tasted it.  It was fresh and it was creamy and delicious.  Every bite has lobster to it, and the sauce is awesome.  Not too heavy, great for lunch. 

The servers are knowledgable on the menu even though the place is new.  They came and checked in on us several times to make sure we are doing ok.  Not to mention, parking was super easy during lunch.  It'd be ashame not to take advantage during lunch.

4444 Westheimer Rd
Suite A-120
Houston, TX 77027

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