Monday, August 1, 2016

Stoked Tacos

Went to Stoked Tacos for my friend's birthday celebration.
This was a cool set up.  Which is a nice make over of the old Cook and Collins space.
They moved the front door to the side, so in place of the door is a kitchen VW van.
I got the aqua fresca of the day, it's watermelon.  But it's not as sweet as I'd thought it'd be.  But if you like it enough, they have an alcoholic version of it.
We started the night with a queso.  Pretty good.  
Got the Brisket Taco.  I didn't know that you can get a single but slightly larger order.  But the brisket is pretty good.
I got the Redfish taco, which is a fried fish.  Frankly, the fried fish is very good, without the veggies but really it's the chipotle sauce that is doing the trick.
We also ordered the wings, it really has a kick to it.  Very good but definitely dip the sauce.

Basically as fun as this place is and the servers are edgy and friendly and made sure that we're taken care of.  The food is a hit and miss.  The fish was good, the brisket is so-so.  The bar seems to be the thing but the drink is not a hit with me.  I think if I go next time, would just order one big taco instead of doing tapas style.  I was so stuffed that I can't even enjoy myself.  Plus the drink does ruin my taste bud a bit.

Stoked Tacos
2416 Brazos St
Houston, TX

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