Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Oiishi - Desktop Diner

Had no time to grab lunch, and ended up using Favors.
I got the Rosi Roll (L), to be honest, Rosi is really a friend of mine.  Back in the day when we all used to go there all the time.  Of course, they were not nearly as busy and popular as they are now.  So they named a roll after her, and it is salmon, cucumber, eel and salmon on top.  It was good!  

The other is the David Roll (R), it's basically a Spicy Tuna Roll with salmon, tuna & yellowtail on top.  It was actually really fresh.  No frills, just fresh fish and yummy sushi.

Favors is a cool app that will pick up food from wherever you ordered it.  The first use, they give you a free delivery, you just pay the tip for the driver who does this for a living.  After that, however, you get charge for the service charge and the delivery charge.  That can almost equal up to the meal.

3764 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77046

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