Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tsum Tsum Character Macaron - Failed

So, I've been following the trend of cartoon macarons from Hong Kong, to Malaysia, and LA.
It's been a while since I've baked any macs, so decided to try my hand at it.  I picked Tsum Tsum, because they're circle based, and should be easy to start.

I piped and went to lunch... which you'll see how it's a mistake later.
So, I get that you are suppose to let it rest.  So I did, went to lunch, which it practically 'baked' while I was enjoying lunch.  So, by the time I went back to pipe the 2nd color, it was awkward.  It's not integrated, but added a layer.
I already started the process, so might as well finish it.  The 3rd layer is his eye.  I also use the black to pipe his horns.
The finish product was not to satisfactory. 
It is basically layers on top of the layer.  But as I said, I ate lunch, that let the macs rest too long, it pretty much cooked itself.  So, by the time I added the 2nd and 3rd layer, it's like making it on top of already cooked macs.  So, you see the 2nd/3rd layer had integrated and had feet, and the 1st layer had its own feet.  It was not what I pictured.

So, what I've learned: make your standard batter, but divide into smaller batch and mix your color separately.  I had originally did 1/2 for the green, 1/4 to black, and 1/4 for white.  Not knowing how it'll turn out, I did have tons of black left over.  You do need to get a smaller hole piping bag for the horns and character's feet, or any other small details.  I would suggest do another character so you can share the colors for something else.  

This one didn't turn out well, but we'll try again.

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