Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bon Ga Garden Restaurant

I've actually came here a long long time ago.  Saw it on my friend's IG, so decided to come back and revisit.
This is located on Longpoint and Blalock-ish, it's actually in a very nice strip center.
One of the neat feature about Korean is that you can cook the food on your table grill.  But, if you don't want to do the work and make your hair and clothes smell, they will offer it cooked for you.  The only thing is that the plate like the ones above, is good enough to serve 4-5ppl.  So, you can imagine, we brought home alot of leftovers.
I always love the side dishes that accompanied the meal.  One thing I have yet to see in Houston's Korean restaurants is for them to serve the tiny fishes, not necessary anchovy, but in Asia, they usually come with.  And they certainly sell alot of it at the Korean grocery store, so that was just interesting to me.

We have kimchi, picked lettuce, bean sprout, steamed egg, tofu skin, broccoli, tofu, and turnip salad.
What I find special at this place is that they serve purple rice.  Don't worry it does not taste any different than regular rice.  I just like that it's something unusual.
At the end of the meal, they give you a 'dessert' drink to top off your meal.  It's rice dessert soup, so it is really water from cooking the rice, malt powder and sugar.  It is served cold, and the reason is that it helps with digestion after a meal.  They just think of everything, don't they?

The place actually gets pretty busy on a off peak time during the weekend.  You see alot of Koreans come here, so you know it's got to be good, if not great.  They serve everything with a little cart and I find that very clever, especially with all the little plates of side dishes.  When you're done with your meal, there's a button by your table, ring it, and the server will come to you.  Very much like Poncho's flag, except it's more high tech.  Great food, great service, definitely coming back.

Bon Ga Garden Restaurant
9861 Long Point Rd
Houston, TX

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