Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Joy Luck Palace (NYC)

Saw alot of buzz of this place...
Joy Luck Palace for dim sum in NY's Chinatown.
Unlike the dim sum places in Houston, they still have push carts.  As oppose to the checklist method.
Got a few standard or musts... Har Gow (shrimp dumpling), Siu Mai (pork dumpling), Pork Rib, and Fun Guo. 
This was called Golden cake, it tasted very much like pandan, and it's not a soft cake, it's like a steamed cake which is sturdy.
The whole reason why we're here... the Piggy Buns.  So, from seeing pictures, I was thinking since this is piggy, that they should be Pork Bun.  Right?  Piggy = Pork.  Well, to my surprise, when I bit into it, it's sweet.  It's egg custard inside.  I would say it's a tad rich.  But, it's cute, photo worthy.  I got it so you don't have to waste calories for it.

Overall, NY Chinatown opens early.  You can go to any street and get dim sum.  This is a haunt for all the retired elders.  They chew their fat there and BS about this that or another.  This is their spot for morning tea.  It does get crowded as the morning goes on, but if you could make it early, do.  As they say, early bird gets the worms.  Or in this case, early bird gets the better dish.

Joy Luck Palace
98 Mott St
New York, NY 10013

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