Thursday, September 1, 2016

Laduree (NYC)

So every time I'm in NY, I have to make a stop at Laduree
This time, they opened a SOHO location, so I have to make a journey there to check it off of my list.
You walk past the cafe/shop, then a small but beautiful salon, then it opened up to the garden.  It was like you found a secret garden restaurant.  It was clean, outdoors, but not hot, the picture does not do the place justice.  It was so cute and adorable that I bet tons of people do showers here.
Our fancy schmancy lunch menu.  Love that pastel green.
I got the Maria Antoinette, which is a non-alcoholic cocktail that is tea based.  It is made with their house blend of Maria Antoinette tea with grapefruit syrup, strawberry nectar, and grape juice.  It is nice and refreshing on a hot day.
For lunch, they soft the bread with the creamiest butter.
I got the Lobster Caesar Salad.  This is the first time ever that I can taste the egg in the salad dressing.    They have chunks of lobster.  That said, they don't have too much taste to them, which is better than the fishy taste, but could've used a bit more seasoning.  Dressing was good, did I already talked about that?!
Their offering in the viennoiseries - beautifully done pieces of art.  The red polka dot piece, it's decorated like strawberry.  Super cute!
Of course, what I've known them for... macarons!  So delicious, flavors are spot on and yet not over empowering.  They really can do no wrong here.

For lunch, we were lucky that we were able to walk in shortly after lunch hour and got seated right away.  To ensure seating, can't hurt to make a reservation.  The entire place had 5 servers, of which 2 of them are supervisors of some sort.  Thank goodness that they have runners who are super capable. So, service may be slow.  They also only have 2 stall of bathrooms, so keep an eye.  They also have the nifty credit card POSystem to check people out, so no need to wait for them to run the cards then run back.  That was awesome!

Next time, I'll try to come during Wed/Thur/Fri, they do have baking classes for $200 for the afternoon.  It is on the high end for something I already know how to do, but for the experience, I'm more than willing to shell out that money to say I baked at Laduree!

Laduree Soho
398 W. Broadway
New York, NY 10012

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