Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lady M Cake Boutique(NYC)

One of my MUSTs in NY is to get some Lady M cake!  
They are known for Mille Crepes.  If you ever watch Yumeiro Patisserie, that's the first thing the main character learned how to do at cooking school.  You would then realize how much skill it takes to make consistent crepe and make them for perfect layer.  Basically, skills I don't have to make one myself.
They have various flavors of mille crepes, original, chocolate, citron, coconut, strawberry... etc.  They also have other cakes as well, montblanc, checker, mousse cakes...etc.
I got the green tea mille crepe.  Been looking forward to it for a looooooong time.
There must be over 20 layers in there.... look at how precise and pretty they are assembled.  The creme between layers are not heavy, as a matter of fact, I would describe them as delicate.   Not too sweet or buttery, just right with hints of green tea.  Just plain awesome.

There are several locations in New York City that you can get Lady M.  There's one in Rockefeller Center's basement.  This one, I went to, is inside the Plaza Food Hall.  Just keep in mind, they close at 8pm.

Lady M Cake Boutique
Plaza Food Hall
1 West 59th Street
New York, NY 10019

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