Friday, September 9, 2016

Grace Street (NYC)

For a late night dessert, we ended up at Grace Street. 
Located in the Heart of KTown, the joint was jumping during dinner time in the area.  The place, which is more a coffee shop setting, that serves dessert was already packed.  We only had to wait for a few minutes to get a table.  Casual and definitely for dates or catching up with your girlfriends.
We got Ho-dduk, aka Korean Donut, and I got the Honey Matcha Latte.  The Ho-dduk, reminds me a lot of beignets, but instead of powdered sugar, you get brown sugar outside.  So, the inside is melted brown sugar with walnut and a hint of cinnamon, but I swear, it tasted a lot like chocolate.  Don't ask me how.  And it came with ice cream, which is nice because the donut does come warm, so together, it's nice and melty.  The latte was nice as well, no need for sugar, since the honey already did the job. Luckily, it has milk to round it out, not too bitter from just the matcha.

They also serve shaved ice, waffle, ice cream, milk tea, bubble tea, various type of tea and coffee.  Great for hanging out.

K-town, aka Koreatown in Manhattan is really below Herald Sq, around 31st/32nd street.  After work, a lot of folks come down here for a good Korean/Sushi meals, then hop over to the bars to hang.  We see groups of folks gather there for meals and then go to the bar nearby.  

Grace Street
17 West 32nd St
New York, NY 10001

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