Friday, September 2, 2016

Vivi Bubble Tea (NYC)

Thanks to my friend, Julia and her mad Yelp research, we found this place:
Very much part of the neighborhood in Lower East Side, this hole in the wall is packed the entire time we were there.
The whole reason we are here!  It's the Bubble Tea Float.  I got the Milk Tea Float.  It looks like a cloud, but it's really cotton candy on top of my tea.
You can see that our server person is pouring liquid nitrogen into my drink.  The reason is that there's a 'scoop' of cookies n' cream ice cream on top of my tea.  So, that's to solidify my ice cream.  You can see that they turned my plastic spoon from white to blue.  That's science, kids.
This is a better one.  You can see little beads running away.  I think, and someone clear this up if I'm wrong, I think those are the pop rocks.  Yep, the cotton candy has pop rocks in there.  You can totally feel it as you eat part of it.  Man, I haven't had pop rocks since 3rd grade.
So, you see the ice cream on the top here.  Yes, had to removed the cloud.  You eat the ice cream.  Then, you put the cotton candy back on.  Then carefully, pour that small pot of tea into the mason jar, and enjoy the rest of it.  The tip is: as your slowly and carefully pour the tea, you fold the cotton candy into the jar.  The tea will dissolve the cotton candy and you fold them all into the jar to drink.  You can order it with the macarons too. I was too full to eat more, a drink I don't mind, but more food would've put me over.

This is definitely an unique experience.  I've never done that before, and it doesn't taste half bad.  If you order this, you definitely need to get a table to sit down, which there's really 4 in the tiny tiny store they have.  That said, they also serve snacks and food besides the tea, slush, and milk tea.

Vivi Bubble Tea
205 Allen St
New York, NY 10002

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