Monday, September 12, 2016

Mok Bar (NYC)

Last week of NYC posts, I promise!
We were in Chelsea Market, I was all hoping to have my Lobster Roll there, but alas, there were tons of people, and frankly the sashimi place looked great, however with 40 mins wait, we were too hungry for that.  What Chelsea Market had done was to take the larger shops (and perhaps they were not too good business-wise) and turn them into various food stalls.  One of the bigger store space can host up to 6 or 7 food places in that space.  The one we were in was once a tea shop, I remembered because they have a street entry and I tripped on that stair before.  Anyway, we ended up at Mok Bar.
This is a Strawberry Yuzu tea.  Yuzu is a Japanese version grapefruit, and you can taste a bite of yuzu chunks in the tea.  It's nice and refreshing after walking for a while.
Per the recommendation of the server, I got the Classic.  It is pork broth, with braised pork, topped with some veggies, scallion, sprouts, and nori strips.  I didn't add any extra topping, but you can certainly do that.  That said, this was plenty of food.  There were some kimchi spices in there, luckily it is just right for this wimpy.  The soup was not too thick like Japanese tonkotsu broth, but it's nice and hearty.  The noodles is factory made, not good or bad necessary, just you can tell.  And the pork has been with the broth a while because it tasted harmoniously together.  I really enjoyed it more than I thought I'd would.

They have bar seating or table seating at the back.  You just walk up behind the spice counter, and they have a rope for you to go thru and you'll be seated.  The turnover is really quick.  A lot of Google folks that work across the street come and get food.  Watch what time you go.  Service is pretty quick, in and out no problem.  They do have happy hour from 3-6pm, where they have anju (aka appetizer) on discount.

Mok Bar
Chelsea Market
75 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10011

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