Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Were at Saltgrass for a family dinner.
That was pretty much the last time I was there.
It was a special, which has a filet and a crab cake.  I liked the steak quite a bit, the crab cake was too ready.  Of course, their shrimps are good, no questions there.  I usually ask the server to do it as medium rare, so it's not too tough to chew.  As a matter of fact, the meat quality was great.  Again, was disappointed that the crab cake was too bready.

I will give you a warning at this location.  The folks in planning for Pearland apparently did not anticipate the city boom, and therefore did not put in frontage/service road for the freeway.  And the planning folks who built this shopping center, also did not think to work with the City of Pearland to install feeder to the shopping center.  Therefore, you have to wait a very long line of traffic to go thru one light, for turning.  Then, one entrance for the entire shopping center.  And Saltgrass is at the very end of the shopping center.  So, one must think: hmm, should there be an emergency and needed to evacuate, all the people in this shopping center is screwed, because there's really one exit.  For whatever reason, the folks didn't want to fork up the cash to get an exit/entrance made, also did not anticipate for the population boom.  For crying out loud, for the money you've made by having all these chains in your shopping center, just put some money for couple more entrances, both for normal users and emergency users sake!

Saltgrass Steakhouse
3251 Silverlake Village Drive
Pearland, TX 

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