Monday, September 5, 2016

Magnum (NYC)

Super excited to go to a yummy pop-up in NYC.
in Soho amongst the popular tourist section, it's a must for ice cream lover.
Various neat art work had their take at the Magnum iconic ice cream bar.
Or, use the ice cream sticks to make artworks too...
So, first, you pick 3 out of the 18 toppings.  Decisions, decisions... 
First, you pick the ice cream base, which is either chocolate or vanilla.  Then, you choose based dip (white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate).    Next, they drizzle on the toppings you've chosen.  Then, again pick form the 3 dippers for your drizzle.  Then, you're ready to go.
Finished product, viola!  Even the table is in the shape of their ice cream stick.
So, you must be wondering what the heck I got... I'm ashamed to say that I thought these were interesting but failed to think about the combo thereof would've been tasty or not.  So don't judge me too harshly, just think it's an experiment and I regret my choices.  I got dried rose petals, marshmallow, and mocha sugar.  So, the mocha sugar is really like adding coffee to the ice cream.  Marshmallow is dried like the ones in cereal.  The rose petal however, when you try to eat it, it's like eating petals.  It sounded good in my head but not in execution.  Every bite has a mouth full of petal, which is overly fragrant.  Again, good in my head, not in execution.

This popup is here till end of September.  They've been there since February.  The staff there are super friendly.  From the moment they greet you in line, they're perky and happy.  They help each other, sweep the floor, clean the tables and chat with customers, they do it all.  Overall, they are the true ambassador for the brand and whether they do this by day and perform at night.  They are super positive and give out that vibe to tourist, which they are fully aware that is their target audience.  The ice cream is $7, is it the best ice cream ever?  No.  But it's a unique experience that I don't mind paying for.  There are talks that the company is looking to do couple more popups in various cities, such as LA, Miami, London, and somewhere Europe and see if this is something feasible for the company to expand on.  So, go catch them before end of September!

Magnum Ice Cream
134 Prince St
New York, NY 10012

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