Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Luke's Lobster Roll (NYC)

One of the places I've been super looking forward to was the Plaza Food Hall.
Since we didn't get a lobster roll at Chelsea Market, I have to get a lobster roll somehow.  I knew they would have a place that has it.
They have a combo, where you get a lobster roll ($18) add soup, drink, and chips for $7 more.  Not too shabby for a lobsta meal.
For drink, I got the Luke's Maine Blueberry Lemonade, figured, when in Rome... Well, the lemonade had more honey in my lemonade than I cared for.   You do see the bits of blueberries floating about, so you can tell it's fresh, but just too much honey.  And this is coming from a person that takes a lot of sweet.

I got the Clam Chowda.  Super creamy, you can taste the clam, and at all fishy taste.  Nicely done mixed with chunks of potato and onion.  Love the cup!
Of course, the main star!  Lobster Roll, drool!  This is New England style, also known as Lobster Salad Roll, that really just means that it's served cold.  I'm not too big of a fan of a cold roll.  I liked my roll warmed, so guess I'm a Connecticut styled person.  Shhh, don't tell anyone.  But either way, the roll is good but I was hoping more flavor coming out of it.  It was good but I had something else in mind going in, so threw me off a bit. 

If you want to learn about the different lobster roll styles, I found this one pretty concise.  In regards to the Food Hall, I was super excited about... it is located beneath the Plaza Hotel.  Literally, the basement of it.  And it has in it, places for ramen, pasta, sushi, lobster roll, crepe, cakes, bread, chocolate, tea, caviar, macarons, subs, pizza, French Tarts, wine bar, and a little market with a restaurant by Todd English.  It was such an awesome fine.  Though their site said they're open till 9:30p we find that most shops closes at 8pm.  So, go a tad earlier to catch dinner before a show or a nice walk in Central Park.

Luke's Lobster Roll
Plaza Food Hall
1 W. 59th Street
New York, NY 

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