Monday, September 19, 2016

Meal in the air

So I got lucky and got an upgrade, which is a rare occurrence anymore.
Not to mention, it was a NY flight and a during the weekday.
First, you do get warm nuts... and warm cloth to clean your hand.
You get 2 things to choose from, a seafood salad or chicken sandwich.  I try not to do any seafood in the air, just in case.  So, I chose the warm chicken sandwich.  It was nice and cheesy.  It came with a small arugula salad and some grapes.   And yes, what you see there, is a cloth napkins you see there.  With real utensils too.  Ahh, how the other class lives.
You got decent plugs for you to charge your device, and you even get a cookie and coffee at the end of the meal.  Yep, a ceramic mug not a paper cup.
It will be a long while before I can get another upgrade, I'm sure, but sure is nice to be upgraded.

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