Monday, August 15, 2016

Pho BInh

We were super curious when we drove down White Oak and saw this:
It was at the old space where Sale-Sucre.
It was surreal that the interior is super close to the old space but with updated, casual seating.
Got a Thai Tea, nice and refreshing in this heat.
Cha Gio - Eggroll.  You wrap the little eggroll in the lettuce and dip it in the fish sauce.  Pretty good.  So far so good.
Pho Tai - vermicelli and eye round beef.  The broth is pretty good, you can tell not too much MSG as you would get a lot of the places.  Food got there pretty fast.  Pretty impressive.

The place has limited parking and as you know White Oak to be.  Even when we go during the off peak hour, the place is buzzing the entire time we were there.  People coming and going.  If you live in the neighborhood it's easy for you.  But if you read the parking signs properly, you can park near and walk over.

Pho Binh
2916 White Oak
Houston, TX 77007

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