Monday, August 8, 2016


Had a business lunch at Grotto, which is nice and fast.  
All of their servers are pros.  They won't crowd you, and give you space, yet they know to come and check on you when it's appropriate.  Wish more places train their servers that way.
Got my usual, Arnold Palmer.
I got the Italian Chopped, mainly because I was lured by the Gorgonzola on the list.  I wish I'd taken the pre-mixed photo, it was much prettier than the post-mixed.  The pre- has all of the ingredients in their own row, it's like a very nice rainbow in a bowl.  After they mix it for you, which is a nice service, but the result is what you see up there.  It showed more lettuce than anything else.  They really had chicken, bacon, provolone, and of course gorgonzola in the mix.   Basically, I felt like I ate alot of lettuce, even though I know there are other food in there, but that's all you see and all you can pick up with your fork.  Not that it tasted bad, just alot of it.

For parking, don't take the headache, they do have valet both dinner and lunch, it's free, but always tip them.  Best to make a reservation, they always try to seat us if we go without, but if you have a reservation, the process definitely go faster.

4715 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77027

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