Monday, August 29, 2016

Pig & Khao (NYC)

Went for a quick trip up to NYC, and mostly just walked, shopped and ate.
 That is pronounced Pig & Cow.
 This seems to be a great spot for brunch, we got there around 2-ish and brunch was still going strong.
 Ooooh, young coconut.  Haven't had one for a long time.  I used to go to Whole Foods to get one that's already cut open, but haven't lately.  Don't be deceived, this looks big, but there's not alot of coconut water inside.  Basically 2 sips and it's done.  They did give you a sugar cane to chew on, that was pretty refreshing.
 This is Grilled Pork Jowl.  Very tasty.  It has obviously pork jowl, brussel sprouts, and fish sauce.  The fish sauce wasn't over empowering, and if they do brussel sprouts like they do here, I'd eat more growing up.
This is the Shan Noodles, which is ground chicken, vermicelli, peanuts, greens.  The soup is pretty spicy.  Granted, I'm a chicken when it comes to spicy stuff, but this is really spicy.  I was also thinking the portion would be bigger.  But even if it's not, I'm ok with that.

Like most places in NY, the space is narrow, but they do have a nice back room in the back.  You literally can't be fatter in NYC because you basically can't sit anywhere without getting close to your neighbor.  

This is my first time staying down in Lower East Side, so it was neat to see a whole different side of NYC.  You literally feel the magic that you take a train and be transform to a different personality of the City.  LES is more up and coming, people want to be the down to earth types but not yet been taken over by hipsters.  So, lots of unique personalities are all gathered here and everyone gets along.  Not to mention, it is literally parked right next to Chinatown, you can walk or take the subway, easy either way.

Pig & Khao
68 Clinton St
New York, NY 10002

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