Monday, February 13, 2017

Dunlavy Pop Up Happy Hour

Went to Happy Hour with mom friend, Julie.
Depends on the pop up, but ours was between 2-8pm.  When I arrived hardly anyone was there.
 Unlike their morning service, the happy hour is table service.  You get seated and the server comes to take your order and such.  

As you can see, the menu is simple, but the bar is full, and isn't that what all Happy Hour is about?!
 I got a mane & tail, which was cider, lemon juice, prosecco, and bitters.  Amazingly, it's not too strong, and it's delicious.   
 For coming to Happy Hour, they have munchies on the house, you get popcorn and pretzels and mix nuts.
We also got the Spinach Turnover, I gotta say the amount of feta to spinach proportion is worth getting this and eating lots of it.  You will love this too.  Didn't have much time to try the other dishes, but look forward to coming back for the others.

You have to catch their Facebook page to see when the next one will be.  They also have a Terrace, so go sit out there, while it's nice and the mosquitoes haven't discovered it yet.  There's no valet, so parking is wherever, but do think about which direction of Allen Parkway you're coming from because the turn is not so convenient if you're coming from River Oaks, and will need to take Welch 'exit' to do a U turn in order to get there.  Coming from Downtown is easy peasy.

The Kitchen at Dunlavy
Happy Hour
3422 Allen Parkway
Houston, TX 77019

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