Tuesday, February 28, 2017

HLSR Uncorked & Best Bites - part 1

Warning, today and tomorrow's posts will be picture heavy.

By dumb luck, we got invited to Houston Livestock and Rodeo's Uncorked and Best Bites competition.  Essentially, we walk around, stand in line to get food and wine.  There's wine galore... on to pictures!
 At Patrenella's which they had bruchscetta. 
 Soup of some kind???
 Yummy French Toast from Snooze.
 Chefs busy preparing duck for everyone from Cotton Culinary.  Very moist.
 Many booths have very cute decorations.
 Bacon Mac and Cheese with a BBQ chicken slider.  The slider wasn't bad, but the bacon mac and cheese is awesome.
 Silvan Ridge's Early Muscat, good enough that I came back twice... so good!!!
 This ain't no ordinary chocolate, the is Hazelnut with Poprocks.  You really get the nuts and as you swallow, you feel the pop rocks, it was very unique and yummy by Mostly Chocolate.
 Never heard of Pupusa Bar, thought what the heck...
 Yummy toastata with pulled pork and green sauce, yummy!
 Then you have good ol' Brennan's with their specialty...
 Turtle soup!
 Was a little disappointed that Tiny Boxwood only brought cookies, not that I'm complaining, but they got so much great food features...
 Here's an unique one, it's corn bread with pork belly but the sauce was strawberry, which totally confuse my taste buds.
 Steak48 prepping for dessert....
 It has marshmallow top that they torch, then chocolate, crumb and cream layer...
 Even Sake participated, this is pretty tasty.
 Tradicao, brought yummy steak bites.
 Been meaning to try Cane Russo...
 Got the Arancini, which is risotto with mozzarella and bolognese... 
 Quite a few places showcase quail... is it making a come back?  It looked great, but a tad dry.
 For some fancy schmancy pants...
Didn't get much of pork flavor, but the apricot sauce is unique.

A lot of people get a ticket and skip getting a table, truly I can see why.  You walk around, eat some, wait in line, eat some more.  So, you don't really have time to sit down to eat.  Talk about all you can eat and drink.  Wine galore, sorry no beer.  And you get to take home the center pieces!

Houston Livestock and Rodeo
Best Bites

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