Wednesday, March 1, 2017

HLSR Uncorked & Best Bites Part 2

Continuing from yesterday's Best Bites, more picture heaviness aka me rubbing it in your face that I ate all these awesome yummy goodness.
 I've never been to Dario, was curious what they've got:
 It is steak bites and mini crab cake.  The crab cake was good, the steak was a tad too salty for my taste.
 Hotel Icon's Line & Lariat also showed up...
 They have fried quail with slaw over barbecue sauce, the sauce has some tang, but tons of spicy... hmm... 
 Awesome specialty chocolate by Cacao & Cardamom.  Each of their little chocolate is like little pieces of art.  Of course, they are delicious and delicate too.
 Ritual represents!
 They have a cute mini bread bowl with seafood bisque.   Sadly, it was great on looks, not so much on taste... from what my friend told me they are better at grill than soup.  Maybe in person they are better, since they don't exactly have a full kitchen here.
 Lobster Bisque from the Palm.
 Sadly, I think they've been sitting out too long, there's a nice thick layer of skin on top.  And it was too thick for my taste.  I was told there are real pieces of lobster meat at the bottom.  I'll just take her word for it.
I've never heard of Eurasia before, so that looked interesting.
The beef roll looked interesting.  Thin sliced beef wrapped with veggies inside... not much to write home about. 
So glad Julia told me to wait for the tartare... this is their all star dish!  Totally awesome, worth going to the place for.
Crave cupcake was giving their minis away by the box towards the end, they are yummy... but by this time, I was stuffed.... saving it for later.
Short Rib alla Milanese.... it was too heavy for my taste.
This is an interesting one...
Cheese Curds with Raspberry sriracha, totally not spicy, but pretty unique, which I've never had before.
From Weight & Measures, anything from their yummy bakery is good... nothing bad comes from there.
Enjoyed a very well balanced Reisling from Dr. Loosen, which I was super impressed with all 3 of their rieslings, but this one is the best one.
Izakaya, you had me at Uni.
Cute little tartlet, honestly did not get much of the uni flavor, but it's cute and is a popper size... om nom.
Dulce is more a specialized cake shop for occasions, but they brought it too!
Mexican Chocolate Très Leches, first of all, I love tres leches.  Second, it's chocolate.... amazingly, it doesn't seem that way when you first tasted it, but when you swallow, the pepper kicks in and you feel it going down.  It was a pretty neat experience.

By the end, we basically needed to be rolled out.  Apparently, if people abandon their table, you can have their center pieces.  A premium table (seats 10) cost $250pp, for regular reserved table it's $125 pp.  All funds raised are for scholarships, and everyone worked there are on volunteer basis.  

Honestly, we didn't really sit down much except for breaks in between.  Since the bites are small, you pretty much gobble up while going to the next line.  And they do have some bar table to rest a bit or get organize.  The experience, it's definitely neat.  They give you a collectible wine glass, so if people abandon theirs, you can get a set.  Valet is free, but of course you tip.  They now also have an uber section for waiting for rides.  

Better get your tickets early next year:

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