Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bernie's Burger Bus

Lenten Friday... just happen to catch Bernie's post about Lobster Friday, 
perfect timing!
Got the lemonade, not to sweet and not too sour.  Best mix with iced tea for an Arnold Palmer.
Hmmm.... truffle fries... *drool*
Main course: lobster roll, New England style.  The meat is cold and the bun is toasted.  All was done well, top notch.  Haven't had a decent lobster roll in some time.  Personally, I like the real meat chunks than broken up pieces. I also think that my taste bud wanted more butter than mayo and rather it'd warm than cold.  That said, a good lobster roll is hard to come by, if there's a good one, I'm going to try it no matter what. 
This was my Lenten Friday meal.  It was truly a lot of food.  I should've split it in half and take the other half home and not be greedy and get the fries, but they all sounded good together when I was ordering it.

Word got out that Fridays are Lobster Roll Friday, there's tons of people showing up for lunch.  While the weather is nice, sitting out at the patio and enjoy the weather is great too.  Now don't get shocked on the price, because keep in mind, lobster has a market price, so we paid $23.95 for our sandwich, so don't get shocked when you see the ticket at the end of the meal.

Bernie's Burger Bus
5407 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77401

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