Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Every time I drive down Kirby from 59 to Richmond, I do reminisce the building where Miyako used to be.
Of course, that building has been leveled and there's no trace of Miyako that was there for over 15 years.  Luckily, they took over one of spots on Washington.  Easy garage parking, for easy access.
Since I came for lunch during the week, I took the bento which came with miso soup and salad.
I got the Beef Teriyaki Bento, but you see how much food that it comes with, right?  I have fried rice, 2 pieces of a roll, my teriyaki beef, potato salad, veggie tempura, and some pickle.  I couldn't even finish my food.  For $8.75, it's thoroughly satisfying for this much food.   They serve lunch from 11-2pm, Monday thru Friday.  Go give them a shot, definitely bang for your buck.

Miyako Sushi Bar
4601 Washington Ave
Ste 150
Houston, TX 77007

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