Monday, March 13, 2017

Jinya Ramen Bar

Went to Ramen with the Mom Friends, totally awesome GNO!
We picked Jinya as a redemption of the bad Nao experience.  Well, now that we have a baseline, it's easy to exceed it.
Started with the fried brussels sprout.  Let me tell you, had they done brussels sprout this way when I was growing up, I'd eat more of it.
Shared the potstickers, pretty good... nice and pan fried.
And edamame, trying to not get filled before the main event!
Piece la resistance!  Tonkotsu Black, which has pork, scallion, seaweed, (full) egg, garlic chips, fried onion, and a dob of spicy sauce.  I like their soup base, it's thick enough for the noodles.  Mix it altogether, nicely taste.  I think I'd like for it to be more texture, but for inside the loop it's good.

We went on a Friday night, early enough but had to wait for good 30 mins.  They were not joking.  I thought successfully found a parking space at that time (where gym rats prime time at 24 Hr Fitness) was a victory.  Waiting was just as much as a feat.  Luckily, we got in before the masses came in.  They were truly busy, but service did not lack and the food was consistent, which I totally appreciate.

Jinya Ramen Bar
3201 Louisiana St
Houston, TX 77002

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