Tuesday, March 28, 2017


On the way to the Rodeo, saw a new Japanese place in the area.
Curiosity kills the cat, and figured why not, let's see what they've got.  They said that they're even wine bar.
Got the Chicken Fried Noodles (lo mein) to start... It was amazingly good.  
Got a Happy Hour specials: the sashimi of Salmon and Tuna, each order comes with 3pieces, but they are $6 per order.  The nigiri, however were $1.95 each piece, so it was ok.

Overall, the fish quality is neither here nor there.  I could go to the other end of the shopping center (closer to the NRG stadium) and have fresher fish and cheaper Happy Hour at Asahi.  That said, if you want sushi in a pinch, they'll do.  BUT, you really should come back here for the Chinese food.  The chef must used to work at a Chinese restaurant, the flavor is all there, and what we call the wok flavor, they've got it.  If it showed in a little noodle dish, imagine the rest of the rest of the dishes.  So, I'm coming back for Chinese next time.

The place is more bar oriented, so definitely come check that out.  At least the bar decor up-marketed the joint.

8216 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX 77054

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