Monday, March 6, 2017

HLSR - World Championship Barbecue Cook-off

Super blessed to work with a Rodeo insider. 
Got an awesome hook up for an awesome tent a the Cook-off
The grill is a production, you see the grill here, and also a larger trailer in the back that is providing food to over 700 people, each night.  
We are served by the members of the group, and they are total pros at this.
So, what did we get?  Chicken, sausage, sides (which I got potato salad, but they have slaw as well), brisket (yummo) and ribs.  Out of the plate, I like the sausage, just because how it was seasoned.  The chicken was great because it was not dried at all.  The brisket was out of this world, they even show you what type of rubs they were using.  LOVE!

Of course, barbecue is not complete without cobbler, and it's my favorite peach cobbler at that!  Perfecto!
View of our tent, with the band. 

If you have never been to a Cook off event, it is essentially a massive party.  Every tent is like a private party.  So, the name of the game is either you have an awesome tent to go hang, which we do. Or, you get as many bands from different tents and go party hop from one to another and bounce around the ground.  The Carnival is already open for fun, along with the junk food you can get there. But if you don't have any connections to a tent, there are a few public tents from various vendors.  The main stage with a live band is free for all, and there are a few tents that charge a fee to go in.  So, not all is lost.

There are different quality of tents too.  The first time I've ever been to one, it was very plain and simple.  Literally, just a table of food and tons of chairs and tables for seating.  We then got our friends' bands and went to another one that has a live band, very very nice port-o-potty and free beer all night long.  This time, was best of both worlds, great barbecue, free alcohol, not just beer, but liquor and wine too.  Also a very fun live band that gets people moving.  Super fun.

Houston Livestock and Rodeo

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