Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ripe Food truck

Was at Eastside Farmers Market milling around.
Saw somebody eating avocado toast, thought sure, I'll try that.
Left is agua fresca with strawberry and mint, and the right is lavender lemonade.  To me, the strawberry and mint was very much like the fruit infused water as opposed to the agua fresca from street stands that I was thinking.  In that case, I like the lavender lemonade a lot, it's very refreshing and you can smell the lavender as you walk up to the truck.
Ok, what I saw the other people had and drawn me to them.  Huge slices of avocado toasts.  I am not an avocado fan typically, so I was very surprised that I liked this so much.  The bread texture was nice, the tomato was not flimsy, the avocado was fresh, and with just enough amount of seasoning, made it all come together.  I enjoyed it quite a bit.  I was talking to a couple while sharing a table and they love it so much that they got an extra order to take home.  That's a true testament of doing food right.

Their theme of their truck is healthy, plant based (aka vegetarian), and most importantly locally grown.  I place a lot of value of what's grown here versus import, because the soil is tailored to the people that live here which also share the same air.  So, if you have allergies, if you eat something planted here or came from here (i.e. honey from local bees), it helps prevent or lessen your condition, just by that.  So, I appreciate that.  And you do see some transactions done amongst vendors here.  For instance, they use lavender from the lavender farm booth, and veggie from the stall a few booths down.  Talk about bringing a community together.

Ripe Cuisine

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