Monday, February 27, 2017

Dish Society

Went back to Dish Society for that awesome coffee.
And they do not disappoint.  I got almond milk and it doesn't lose its texture.  I got the vanilla latte. 
 Got the Pork Belly Hash.  It all sounded great, but in fact it was heavier than I thought.  Don't get me wrong, the taste is spot on.  It all come together nicely, but by the time I got half way thru, I was so full, can't even enjoy the rest of it.  The pork belly does not fail to deliver and it was nice and fatty.  

As usual, friendly staff, great turnaround on the food and coffee.  Of course, on weekend, they do get packed, so either go early or bring patience.  

Dish Society
5740 San Felipe St
Houston, TX 77057

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