Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Seiwa Food Court

We were hoping to check out the Ramen Ichi, but since they're not open on Saturday night, we settled for Seiwa next door.
They got tons of food there, had we gotten early, but unfortunately, we were late so all the fried stuff were gone.  But we got the sushi.  They have all kinds of sushi left, super fresh on the fish.  They have chicken skin, thought I'd tried.  It was a tad chewy, than I like.

The sushi are made fresh daily there at the store.  They do have microwave if you got something that you wish to heat up.  They actually do have ramen and curry rice that you can order, but keep in mind, the later it gets, they less they have to offer.  They have seating on the side, and you can enjoy your meal.

Seiwa Supermarket
1801 S. Daily Ashford
Houston, TX 77077

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