Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Golden Dim Sum

Took my dad to dim sum, and went to Golden's.
Even though we arrived during peak time, parking and wait time was pretty reasonable.  They have such fast turn over that by the time we sat down, we were then 141th ticket they've done that day.  While their space isn't exactly huge, but that's a testament about how fast they are.
This is lotus leaf wrapped sticky rice with chicken and mushroom.  Forgot to take a shot of it after I opened it, and of course, I was hungry and ate it.
Har Goa - shrimp dumpling, pretty nicely done the wrap doesn't get torn apart easily as some places do, I much appreciate that.
(L) Malaysian Sponge Cake, it's pretty close to texture and taste, it might be a tad sweeter than I remembered, but it's pretty close, now only if the appearance is like the olden day, which is taller and serving was 1/4 slice, I'm all good then.  

(R) Char Siu Bow - steamed bbq pork bun
Pan fried red bean paste pancake.  The 'pancake' is really rice gluttonous cake.  So, the texture is very much mochi-like, which is sticky, made of rice, and thick.
Two types of Rice Rolls here, the top is pan fried rice roll with XO sauce, it has a kick to it, but boy it was so good that I didn't care and kept eating it.

The bottom is rice roll with bbq pork and soy sauce, it was a good stable in any good dim sum place.
Lasts but not least, egg tart.  They're one of the few places that has egg custard tart that the shell is done in layers.  Lots of places either use cookie shell or just one layer shell.  The multi-layer gives it the crispy factor and bakes nicely as a whole.  Definitely a must!

Not shown, the Egg Custard Bun with Egg Yolk, it's a trend, where you bit into it, and the egg custard flows out.  And it's a sweet dish.  I was too full to eat any of it, took it home and re-heat it later, well, the effect was gone, but it tasted pretty good.

Like I said, they have pretty quick turn around time and very fast on their service so they can turn more tables.  So, while the wait might look intimidating, it is not so horrific.  But do remember to bring patience.

Golden Dim Sum
10600 Bellaire Blvd
Ste 105
Houston, TX 77072

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