Thursday, June 15, 2017

Deco Latte

And now, for something completely different...
So I subscribed to a monthly box service called Yumi Twins.  Total fan of all cute things... and wouldn't it be from Japan, the land of a lot of cute things?  Of course!  

This month, my box came with Deco Latte.  I've seen these around, just didn't want to splurge the money for it.  So it's serendipitous that it came with the box.
 You open up the bag, it has a tray of 2 of these strips of deco.
 Totally grateful that it came individually wrapped, so you don't waste anything.
You lay it on top of your hot drink and wait for a few minutes then viola!

It's a totally cute idea.  They come in Snoopy, Hello Kitty and the like.  It only works for hot drinks.  And when you stir, it will melt off.  I was curious and didn't wait for it to melt all the way thru, so it swirl up a little film, but otherwise would've melted it all the way.   How does it taste?  Frankly, I can taste my mocha coffee just fine.  Couldn't say if the Deco Latte added any flavor or not. 

Overall, great idea, cute and fun.  Having 10 per pack seemed a bit much unless you're a huge fan and drink lots of coffee.  But it's fun and definitely add some character to your cup.

Deco Latte
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