Tuesday, June 27, 2017

FM Kitchen & Bar

Ended up in the Washington Ave area and by suggestion, ended up at FM Kitchen & Bar
I must've driven by it many of times, just didn't take notice.  Turns out the place is pretty cool.
Chips and Queso, because I'm a queso addict.  Chips are not flimsy, has hold ability for sure.  Queso is median in terms of taste, consistency.  The salsa, however can be on the hot side.
Then, we have Frito Pie, we were just commenting how you can taste the beer, they must've used beer in the chili.  That said, I was reminiscing how growing up, we would get it at school's cafeteria in the Frito bag and eat it from there.
Main course, it's portobello burger.  It was amazingly good.  The sauce, I think, really did the trick.  They have the feta cheese sauce really did the trick for me.  Plus the mushroom wasn't too chewy, that worked for me.

The entire tab amongst 3 people came out to be $39, I'd say that's damn good included drinks.  It was good price for a full meal.  The service is also good, the servers were courteous and came and checked on us.

FM Kitchen & Bar
1112 Shepherd Dr
by Nett Street
Houston, TX 77007

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