Monday, July 3, 2017

Yokushi Robata

Went for a quick bite after a movie at Yokushi.
We have been catching pre or post prime time and have been having great luck to get great parking, fast service and of course good food.
 Got us some authentic Japanese Green Tea.  Even their cans are heavier, like it's using real aluminum. 
 Japanese Yam Fries, I love them, they are addictive.  It's like the sweet potato fries just purple.
I got squid skewers.  They come with eel sauce, which is sweet.  It's pretty good calamari.
 Main reason for coming here, I know they serve the Japanese Curry rice at all times.  Unlike several places I know, you have to be there for X day after a certain times before they are available.  I like their curry, it could stand to have more potato and a tad thicker.  It's definitely the taste.  I can actually do without the pork katsu, it was a lot of food.  But my main goal is to use the sauce to eat my rice.  I love the mixture.  It's not bad.

Again, my eyes were bigger than my stomach, and order way more than I can truly handle.  That said, it was good.  For the location, money, and service, I consider this a win.  So far have not had any bad experience there.   Definitely worth coming back time and again.

Yokushi Robata
3837 Richmond Avd
Houston, TX 77027

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