Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Went to Americas for a friend's birthday.  I haven't been there for at least 2 years.  Not for any particular reasons, just didn't have the occasions and it's not exactly in my hood.
 For start, I had a side salad, it's pretty huge for a side salad.  It has various greens, corn, tomato (peeled), pickled onion and feta cheese.  I asked for vinaigrette but it doesn't taste like there were any there.
Since the power went out mid meal due to a thunderstorm, we all dined by candlelight.  Luckily, our food were cooked on gas stove, so didn't impact our food coming out.  For sure, drinks they can keep refilling.  

Anyway, I got the Chicken Fried Lobster Taco, which has hoisin sauce, cole slaw, avocado, the lobster.  The side was rice with plantain and beans.  I cut the lobster in half just knowing that it'll bound to overflow.  But that didn't do the trick it still went over.  So maybe 2/3 size would work.

So, it was strange, it poured, thundered and power went out.  Even though we were seated around 6pm, dinner prime time is usually 6:30 -7:30p, and the power didn't go out until after 7pm.  But we look around, there were plenty of tables emptied.  For a very popular spot for dinner and it's a Saturday night, we were very surprised that there weren't more customers.  Of course, once the power was out, they call the patrons to let them know that they have no power and cancel what they can.  But still, I can imagine people are already there earlier.  So, it was strange to witness for a Cordua establishment.

2040 West Gray
Houston, TX 77019

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