Monday, December 1, 2014

America's Thanksgiving Buffet

Warning: This is picture heavy!  Every year Thanksgiving, my friend and I have been to different restaurant to do Thanksgiving.  It works out well for those of whom who are not going home for the holiday, and still get together with friends minus the cooking.
At America's, instead of a prix fixe like alot of places, they decided to do buffet.  You can see a nice spread, if not here, coming up.  For starters, they have the plantain chips with the different sauces, several kinds of salads, salmon and capers.
There are several kinds of empanadas, fried shrimp, fried yuka balls...
More sides: of course you must have baked sweet potato, not sure about brussel sprouts, normal potatoes, grilled mixed veggies and asparagus.
To the Roast Table, there are Roast Beef, Turkey, Roast Chicken, Roast Lamb...
... and the beautiful focus piece was the roast pig.  Very nice!  Not pictured, omelet bar and waffle/crepe bar.
To the other side of the restaurant is the dessert table, they have: tres leche, pumpkin tres leche, chocolate cake, bread pudding with tequila sauce.
Creme Brulee, not pictured Wedding Cookies, which were delicious, pumpkin empandas that were more savory than sweet.

As you can imagine, Thanksgiving day the place is packed and it's chaotic.  I do appreciate that they brought on extra staff to help clean plate and refill drinks promptly.  They do replace your silverware super quick.  As soon as you stand up to get a plate they're ready to swoop in and change out.  Talk about quick and efficient.  The chaotic part was, even though we've made a reservation, there were still confusion as to priority to seating, I guess some folks showed up without reservation by taking a chance.   We did see some folks sitting outside on the balcony to eat, luckily weather was cooperative.  But aside from that, the in house service was good, and given it's such a hectic day, I think they performed very well under pressure.  

Will definitely come back for a sit down meal.  By the way, you don't have to valet if you don't want to.  Depends on which direction you come from, the garage is right behind the store front.  If you get yourself to 2nd floor, you can just walk straight to their entrance.  But should you want to valet, you still need to make a flight of stairs, the elevator is around the corner after the stores, so that may actually serve you better if you have someone in your group that cannot do stairs.  And for this place and location, reservations is highly recommended.

America's River Oaks
2040 West Gray St.
2nd Floor
Houston, TX 77019

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